Residential Property
Effective property
sales with aerial
digital photography and
digital video.
Commercial Property
Vast aerial views
of commercial,
agricultural and
rural properties.
Environmental Property
Give key stakeholders
a clear timeline view
of their project progress
from above.

Get a well informed point of view

Effective property sales with aerial photography and digital video.

Gain insight into agricultural, commercial and rural properties from the air.

Make better decisions with accurate surveys, data mapping and data collection.

Give your key stakeholders a clear timeline aerial view of your project progress.

We are fully CASA certified for aerial filming, spotting and surveying.

Insured for public liability when flying our UAV missions.

Risk analysis is done by our experienced team before all flights.

We use one of the best safety management systems, myosh.

Member of Australian Certified UAV Operators.

CopterView Advantages

Save on the cost of traditional aerial photographic and filming methods.

Our UAV’s are compact and can access most scenarios easily.

We fly at safe speeds, hover, and offer great filming flexibility.

Reduce the risk factor, both financially and physically.

We only fly with advanced safety features.

Professional and Licensed Services

Full attention is given to detail and data acquisition using an advanced remote control. Our aviators are fully qualified and quality is paramount.

All video and photos are shot in high quality and support all production media formats. JPEG, DNG(Raw), MP4/MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264), UHD (4K), FHD and HD.

Our UAV’s are fitted with gyro stabilised three axis HD camera gimbals for capturing 360º views in high definition.

Our Clients

Our Aviators

Eugene Grove

Chief UAV Controller

Robert Moss

UAV Controller


CopterView is a RPA/UAV (Drone) business based in Perth, Western Australia, engaging in operations throughout Australia. We specialise in high quality low altitude photography, video and data acquisition.